New latest Sankranti Muggulu Designs With Chukkalu for Sankranthi 2018

New latest Sankranti Muggulu Designs With Chukkalu for Sankranthi 2018

Happy Makar Sankranti Brings you latest collection of Sankranthi Muggulu and Sankranti Rangoli Designs for making your own handmade Makarsankranti Rangoli Mugglu design this year 2016. Makar Sankranti is the First Festival of new year and is always celebrated on 14th of January. The reason behind it is a astrological phenomenon in which Sun start moving towards north and thus it brings spring season in India which is known as Harvesting season. So it is celebrated as crop harvesting festival all over India with different names and Different styles of rituals during Sankranti or Sankranthi Pujan. But one thing which is common during Makar Sankranti and Pogal and Lohri that all house women use to decorate their houses with colorful Rangoli Muggulu with chakkalu on the holy occasion of Uttarayan 2018.
women making traditional muggulu
A painting showing ancient women making Sankranthi muggulu rangoli Design
muggulu with chukkalu or simply called Makar sankranti Rangoli is basically a floor art design made with powdered dry colors and there is a bit difference between muggulu design and Rangoli 2018. Muggulu are Tamil Sankranthi Rangoli which are typically more geometrical and organized kinds of shapes while rangoli for Makar sankranti are more artistic and basically free hand designs. here we have latest and unique collection of  rangoli for sankranthi designs as well as sankranthi muggulu designs which are best of 2018 uttarayan designs to choose from. so have a look on these and choose one for your own handmade Happy Makar Sankranthi rangoli Images Designs for your Home.

Sankranti Designs Of Telugu Muggulu 2018

decorate your home with these special Telugu style traditional muggulu with chukkalu rangoli Ideas
to fill your Sankranti 2018 full of colors and joy. These Pictures of Muggulu designs are to give you a rough idea about your Prepration of uttarayn design on 14th January 2018 when Makar Sankranti is celebrated.
muggulu design for Sankranthi

muggulu design image

beautiful muggulu design for sankranti

muggulu design in black and white

telugu muggulu design pattern

best tamil muggulu design

chukkalu with muggulu

muggulu colorful pattern

muggulu simple design for sankranti

muggulu pattern for sankranti

chukkalu design for sankranthi

new muggulu for Makar Sankranti 2016

sankranti 2016 muggulu pic

big telugu muggulu  for sankranti

sankranti 2016 muggulu drawing

making muggulu dawing

handmade muggulu for sankranthi

simple muggulu for uttarayan

telugu rangoli designs

happy makar sankranti muggulu

Pongal Rangoli And Pongal Kolam Designs 2018

On the same day of Makar sankranti, various parts of India celebrate Pongal Festival and thus people make Pongal Rangoli which is also known as Pongal Kolam Designs. Here are some mind blowing Pongal Kolem Rangoli Designs for Happy Pongal 2018 so have a look and Enjoy.

happy pongal muggulu

muggulu designs for pongal

sankranti muggulu with chukkalu 2016

pongal rangoli kolam 2016

pongal rangoli designs

pongal rangoli images

kolam rangoli 2016

rangoli designs for pongal

rangoli kolam designs on pongal

pongal kolam rangoli designs

mattu pongal rangoli 2016

rangoli for pongal festival

pongal rangoli wallpapers

designer rangoli patterns pongal

happy pongal rangoli

Sankranti Rangoli Designs Pictures and Wallpapers 2018

These Designs for Sankranthi Rangoli are more free hand unlike the fixed patterned Muggulu Designs with kolen. choose fromlots of New and unique Rangoli designs for 2018 and fill color in your life during This Makar Sankranti Festival 2018.
sankranti rangoli

rangoli for sankranti

rangoli design sankranti

sankranti ganesha rangoli

best sankranti rangoli 2016

making rangoli on uttarayan

rangoli art on sankranti

happy pongal rangoli

pongal om rangoli

handmade sankranti rangoli

round sankranti rangoli

circle rangoli for sankranti

simple rangoli design for sankranthi

makar sankranti rangoli image

making makarsankranti rangoli 2016

designer pongal rangoli 2016

peacock rangoli for pongal festival

pongal rangoli best design

pongal rangoli drawing

pongal sankranti rangoli idea

pongal rangoli wallpaper

elegant rangoli pongal

latest pongal rangoli 2016

creative rangoli of sankranthi

ganesha pongal rangoli

big rangoli of sankranti pongal 2016

sankranthi muggulu designs

happy ugadi rangoli design

makar sankranti rangoli

kolam rangoli
 hope you like our Kolam Rangoli, Special Makar Sankranti Rangoli 2018 and Sankranthi Muggulu rangoli ideas and we wish that you draw a homemade Rangoli on your own home made by your hands on This Festival Of makar sankranti. Some parts of India celebrates it as Pongal Festival and some where it is known as Kolam and Uttarayan. But whatever it is one thing is for sure that happiness of this Harvesting festival will be multiplied by thousand when you decorate your home with these beautiful Images of Rangoli Designs for Makar Sankranti 2018. 
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